The Damage Obama’s Immigration Policies Can do

Under President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, 87 percent of illegal immigrants in the U.S. have a “degree of protection” from deportation.

The president is really saying that amnesty is the official policy of this administration. In other words, he is codifying illegal immigration as an acceptable entry into the United States through executive orders and purposefully lax law enforcement.

For American citizens, this means our safety is at risk.

The Migration Policy Institute released a study on July 23 that shows us the true impact of Obama’s immigration policies. The study found that a striking 7 percent of illegal immigrants (about 690,000 people) have been convicted of serious crimes. Somewhere among them is the next Francisco Sanchez, the man who killed Kate Steinle after he had been deported to Mexico 5 times and had just been released in March from the San Francisco Sheriff's Department on marijuana charges.

Since President Obama took office in 2008, there have been 3,000 murders in the State of Texas alone, as reported by the Texas Department of Public Safety. How many more are we going to accept before action is taken to depart murderers and other violent criminals? The border must be secured, and there should be no comprehensive immigration reform until it is.

For more on this topic, see my commentary on Cavuto Coast to Coast on the FOX Business Network here: The Effect of Obama’s Immigration Policy

Photo: Francisco G. Guerrero/Spanish News Today

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