Survey: rush to online video continues to grow, but operational challenges remain for companies

A global opinion survey was just released by Limelight that gauges the value of video for companies to engage audiences and convert prospects into customers – no matter what their business.

The survey concluded that video is essential in engaging and retaining customers. Perhaps most importantly for companies in the video management space, the survey also revealed the concerns among respondents with operational challenges surrounding online video. Here is what respondents had to say with regard to their top operational challenges*:

  •  77% of respondents said that the ability to distribute content across platforms is a top concern
  •  69% of respondents said that the ability to effectively format content for mobile devices is a top operational challenge
  •  53% of respondents said that the ability to support video-on-demand or live streaming is a primary issue
  •  A majority of respondents also identified performance and reliability as extremely important when choosing a  solution

It seems based on these concerns that the industry has its work cut out for it in educating business consumers about the products and services available from online video management solution companies such as VOPED.

Nonetheless, the survey also demonstrates widespread understanding of the benefits of online video*:

  •  81% of respondents described video as extremely or very important in engaging customers
  •  81% of respondents stated that video allowed deeper engagement with audiences
  •  72% of respondents agreed that video helped them deliver messages more clearly and efficiently to target customers
  •  85% of respondents stated that analytical reporting on metrics like viewer geography, viewer duration and integration  with an analytics tool of choice is an important business differentiator

These are very encouraging results. More and more businesses recognize the tremendous benefits of online video, while at the same time they express concerns and challenges with mastering the delivery of their valuable video content. A hosted website solution can deliver video across platforms with Digital Rights Management for premium TV and movie content with no technical knowledge by the customer necessary (see: Hosted Video Website Solution Released).

This new survey provides fresh proof that online video will continue to expand dramatically across sectors, and that most companies are clamoring for products and services to enable them to fulfill their business objectives. More on the survey can be seen here: New Survey Reveals Criticality of Video in Driving Audience Engagement and Conversion - Managing and Distributing Video Across Multiple Devices Remains a Key Challenge.


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