Romney’s Campaign Damper

Saturday the President launched his presidential campaign with rallies in Virginia and Ohio. Remember the extraordinary crowd sizes Obama attracted in 2008 and in the 2010 midterm elections? Well, it looks like the 20,000-seat arena at Ohio State University still had room, as an estimated 5,000 seats remained empty for the rally. That’s not the real story though. The effective earned media campaign courtesy of industrious Romney campaign staffers is what ruined the President’s campaign launch, according to Buzzfeed (see: How Mitt Romney’s Campaign Put A Damper On Obama’s Big Day):

Romney Deputy Press Secretary Ryan Williams was in the audience at the OSU rally, and tweeted a picture of the empty seats — which instantly got picked up by conservative blogs. After Obama’s remarks he was swarmed by local reporters, and after giving them a standard response to the speech, he commented on the empty seats.
References to the crowd size made it into local papers and television reporters, all distracting from Obama’s message.

No one is asking the main question though: where were all of Obama’s supporters who did not show up? My guess is they were in line getting their unemployment checks, but I am sure they were at the rally in spirit.


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