Refusing to Hold Democrats to Account Marks Epic Failure of the Media

Democrats are very good at playing politics. They generally operate with less shame than do Republicans, which has served them well in Washington as they have been implementing their aggressive, big government agenda since they took control of congress in 2006.

While they may have lost control of the House of Representatives in 2010 – a valuable check against the rise of statism in the US – the reason why they are so unaccountable largely falls to the failure of the news media to report and investigate and challenge them, not just on their policies but on their agenda.

This abrogation of responsibility on the part of the news media comes with many recent examples, as reflected in the following headlines:

President Obama: There Is No Debt Crisis

Not only does Obama deny one of our biggest problems that he created since first taking office, but he won’t even go on the record as supporting entitlement reform to convince Republicans to raise taxes to fix the budget.

GOP lawmakers: Obama administration blocking access to Benghazi survivors

Perhaps no other issue would define this administration as would the Benghazi cover-up if the media were doing their job. There are perhaps 30 survivors of the attacks on our consulate in Libya on September 11, 2012. Hopefully Republicans will not grow weary of chipping away at this issue so that justice can be served for the four Americans killed in the attack – due to the malfeasance and neglect of this president.

American Crossroads’ CEO: Obama’s White House Is For Sale

Pro-Obama group follows sleazy, quasi-political path

How do the media treat news that this administration sells access to the White House for political contributions? Everybody else has always done it...politicians will be politicians. They look the other way as Obama has been as much or more of a Beltway elitist than his predecessors.

Even when a reporter comes close to challenging the President, his own news outlet will make light of it, as was the case when Chuck Todd dared to call out the President about his policy on the Mideast peace process. What should be viewed in the gravest of terms, since Obama is actually hostile to our most critical strategic ally in the region and rockets were being shot into Jerusalem on the first day of his visit to Israel, was treated as a fraternal exchange or a “ribbing” between old pals by MSNBC – see: WATCH: Chuck Todd gets ribbed by President Obama for too many questions.

There may indeed be a point in the next four years where the media are forced to actually do their job. One can only imagine the level of controversy it would take to get them to this point or how much they will tolerate being taken for granted by the White House and Democrats on the whole. One can only hope.


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