Prime Minister Tsipras is the Hillary Clinton of Greek Politics

Bernie Sanders uses the terminology of victimhood to claim that it is cruel and unusual to force austerity measures on the people of Greece in order to help the country out of its debt-laden economic crisis. What leftists in both Greece and the United States don’t appreciate is that what is truly cruel and unusual are the socialist policies that got Greece into this mess in the first place and the ones that have led to the worst economic recovery in the history of the United States.

Ironically, there are a lot of parallels between Greek and US politics these days.

Prime Minister Tsipras won election on anti-capitalism messages. He now is talking out of both sides of his mouth by accepting the so-called austerity measures that the Eurozone requires in order to bailout Greece again. All this is taking place while the far left wing of Tsipras’ political party pressures him to oppose the austerity measures (in place of what?!).

Here in the United States, it is Hillary Clinton that is bowing to the socialist pressure from the upstart presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders. She, a genuine one percenter, it bashing banks and Wall Street at every turn because of the unexpected surge of Sanders in the polls.

Big government did little to help Greece, and is destroying the future of the United States. Look at the record across the world. Countries such as Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Sweden have all demonstrated that when you cut government spending, you reduce public debt and create jobs and economic recovery.

Big government lovers are demagogues who deny truth and facts and preach their solutions that actually impoverish people across the globe.

Spending more money, as Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton support, is not the answer. Despite the evidence, liberal socialist democrats such as Tsipras, Sanders, and Clinton deny the truth and continue down their reckless tax, spending, and debt policies that ensnare people in cycles of poverty and economic devastation.

Cruel and unusual indeed!

For this, America needs to elect a GOP president that is willing to promote economic austerity at home –spending cuts and stimulus through tax rate reductions for personal and corporate income taxes (while eliminating loopholes) to fuel our economy. Better yet, a flat tax across the board.

For more on this topic, see my commentary on Cavuto Coast to Coast on the FOX Business Network here: Greek Lawmakers Approve of Austerity.

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