Obama’s Katrina

Who wouldn’t wince when seeing the starving faces of Haiti’s earthquake survivors, grasping for life-saving rations probably too small to help them?  Here we stand, helpless to save these struggling souls a full two weeks after the earthquake.

Somehow people are loathe to inject politics into the rescue efforts while the presence of hundreds of thousands of homeless and starving survivors persist, living like refugees in the squalor of their national capital.

On viewing the travesty that the Obama Administration calls its humanitarian mobilization though, this is exactly the right time for politics.

This administration is a failure from the top-down in saving lives that are being lost right now because of a systemic malfunction of their natural disaster rescue plans.  You will remember that the President of the United States set the rescue of Haiti as a priority for our nation in his first public remarks about the disaster three days after it took place when he said, “we will not forget you and will do everything in our power to help save those who have survived this disaster.”

Tellingly, two days after making those passionate remarks, Barack Obama decided that rather than traveling to the disaster – or even to neighboring Dominican Republic or the state of Florida - it was more important to try to salvage his prized health care reform plan and his supermajority in the U.S. Senate by campaigning in Massachusetts.

Remember the attacks George Bush withstood because he didn’t rush to the disaster scene in New Orleans?  Let’s not forget how the Democrats running the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana at the time of Hurricane Katrina had no problem attacking George W, Bush for the federal rescue of the survivors of that natural disaster and subsequent failure of the levy there.

The stories coming out of Port au Prince now are cause for outrage at the U.S. government for its failure to take command of the disaster scene.  It’s great that relief supplies have made their way to the Port au Prince airport but there they have stood for days with U.S. military personnel reportedly looking impotent to move out food and water to starving Haitians nearby.

More importantly, what about the Haitian orphans who were scheduled to be adopted in the U.S. before the earthquake – or those newly orphaned now reeling from the loss of their parents?  Hillary Clinton placed a freeze on the relocation of those orphans to the U.S., but surely she can’t think that in this emergency people’s lives can be put on hold.

Lives put further on hold in Haiti means lives lost.

Here we stand two weeks after this disaster.  Heaven knows how many orphans are now in the hands of international child traffickers and the child sex trade.  Heaven only knows how many orphans are stuck in Haiti left to starve to death while the Secretary of State dithers for a policy solution in the vast State Department bureaucracy whose charter does not include the swift ending of human suffering like that which lingers in Haiti.

We couldn’t have swooped in to protect those orphans from illicit transfers?  Do we not have the systems and resources accessible to supplant the work of destroyed local agencies on an emergency basis?  The most powerful man on the face of the earth who called the disaster relief efforts a moral imperative for our nation couldn’t have sent U.S. Naval craft to extract these orphans, feed them, and process them to be placed in foster care in the safe homes of qualified families in the U.S. inside the first week after the earthquake?

Shame on the fraudulent politicians and bureaucrats who have called for relief efforts out of one side of their mouths and still blame George Bush for everything that ails our country out of the other side of their mouths.

Now fix this disaster relief before it is too late for the people with the anguished faces who are probably still hoping for something more from you in spite of this abject failure to relieve human suffering.

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