Just Like Victory, Obama Takes Women For Granted

It all started with Oprah. The queen of daytime television took a huge risk with her audience of women across the political spectrum by endorsing, fundraising for, and campaigning for a presidential candidate. In many ways, Oprah was indicative of a lot of Americans caught up in the hopeandchange bait and switch of 2008. Oprah though had a lot more to risk that the average voter; and risk she did.

She was roundly criticized by large segments of her supporters for getting partisan, and her ratings tanked shortly after the election. Worse yet, she got the door slammed in her face by Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama shortly after they used her and took over the White House.

There has been a political slam against Republicans all year, called the “War on Women.” This has been a rallying cry for Democrats intended to scare women about their “reproductive rights” (funny, I thought reproduction was a gift from the Creator that comes with awesome responsibilities), just like Democrats have egregiously scared seniors into believing that Republicans would abandon the government’s responsibility to them, the Greatest Generation, by cutting their benefits through Medicare and Social Security.

One of the greatest travesties of the Democrat Party is the way in which its leaders isolate segments of the population to win elections. It is one thing to appeal to voters based on their interests, but an entirely different matter to use their interests to scare and exploit them.

The GOP appealed to women at their convention in August by profiling female governors, senators, Members of Congress, business leaders, and candidates for office.  They spoke of American themes that we all have in common: protecting individual rights and reforming our economic policies to open opportunities for all Americans.

At their convention, the Democrats drilled down to every select special interest issue imaginable to divide, isolate, and scare voters of every color, creed, and gender.

The kicker just came via a recently released campaign ad featuring the 26 year-old creator of HBO’s Girls (see: Lena Dunham's sexy Obama ad: Youthfully alluring or bad taste?). This official campaign ad appeals to young women with the notion that voting for the first time (for Barack Obama of course) equates to losing your virginity to the right man. “Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody,” Dunham says in the spot. “You want to do it with a great guy.”

The ad is tawdry and trite. More importantly, it is thoroughly demeaning and misogynist towards the very voters they are looking to motivate to vote. They embrace old stereotypes about women needing a man to protect her and satisfy her, in a hardly-veiled sexual and political sense.

If a GOP candidate had generated such garbage, the national news media would have been howling about sexism and pandering. Yet when Democrats do it, it is “hip,” “trendy,” and pitching for votes through “sex appeal.”

Rubbish. Young women are lemmings if they fall for this tripe. As a voting bloc, they should have more self-respect than that and should recognize how their votes are being taken for granted by Barack Obama.

Just recently, CNN ran a news story online about a new study that suggests that women's votes are impacted by their hormonal cycles (see: CNN wonders: “Do hormones drive women’s votes?”) . The story read: “New research suggest that hormones may influence female voting choices differently, depending on whether a woman is single or in a committed relationship.” Shortly after the story was posted it was taken down in response to the howls of disapproval from the left.

So why wouldn’t the left react the same way to the Obama campaign ad which treats young women like tramps and pathetic, weak-kneed, vulnerable submissives?

It is because the Democrats, with the blessings of the national news media, use politics like a European Socialist coalition government that exploits segments of the electorate as compromised tools or useful idiots, instead of appealing to Americans based on our common cause as a nation: freedom from the tyranny of government and to pursue happiness through individual liberties.

This is why the Democrats take women for granted, and why Barack Obama has taken his victory for granted – at least until Mitt Romney recently started to chip away at Obama’s formidable lead among women in opinion polls of likely voters.

If the trend holds through Election Day, perhaps Democrats will be taught a lesson about campaigning to the lowest common denominator and taking voters for granted in the process.

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