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Has the FBI saved Trump?

October 29, 2016

"Two Fridays until Election Day leaves a lot of time for people still deciding and for voters to change their minds from where they may have been intending."


GOP Wimp Legacy Ends with Trump

If Jeb Bush was the frontrunner today with over 30% in national polls and a double-digit lead in Iowa and New Hampshire, what do you suppose the national news media would be saying about the race? They would declare him the winner, delighted that he was the likely nominee because they want Hillary Clinton to...

Prime Minister Tsipras is the Hillary Clinton of Greek Politics

Bernie Sanders uses the terminology of victimhood to claim that it is cruel and unusual to force austerity measures on the people of Greece in order to help the country out of its debt-laden economic crisis. What leftists in both Greece and the United States don’t appreciate is that what is truly cruel and unusual...

A Business Leader for President? Don’t Dismiss Fiorina or Trump

Despite the presence of establishment favorites such as Jeb Bush, next year’s GOP presidential nomination is more likely to go to a Washington outsider than in elections past. After eight years of Barack Obama’s extreme and detrimental policies, the grassroots of the GOP in the early primary and caucus states will seek an agent of change...

McDonald’s New Brand Identity: Two All Beef Patties…

What has happened to Ray Kroc’s iconic brand? The emperor of fast food is presiding over a crumbling kingdom and the company had better transform itself fast. The news has been bleak for the past several years for McDonald’s, and recent months have only gotten worse, especially with reported earnings dropping a whopping 21% in Q4...