Mark Serrano is a policy and political strategist, consultant to major corporations and crisis communications and public affairs professional. He is also a seasoned conservative media analyst on national TV and radio, regularly delivering commentary on politics, business, crisis communications, international affairs, and more.

Serrano has been very active in delivering media commentary and analysis throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, and has been a supporter of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump since spring 2015.

He began his career in presidential campaign operations, having worked for three presidential campaigns, the Republican National Committee, the Bicentennial Presidential Inaugural Committee, the Reagan Presidential Library, and other positions in GOP politics.

In 1996, Serrano founded strategic communications firm ProActive Communications, which provides consulting services to Fortune 500 companies and national trade associations. He has successfully led advocacy and media campaigns addressing a diverse array of major issues and national debates, including trade deals such as NAFTA and TPP, food security, nuclear power, highway and rail safety, and many more.

In 2002, Mark Serrano became a national advocate for child sexual abuse prevention, and is a recipient of the Voice of Courage Award from Darkness to Light, previously awarded to John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted. He is also a published opinion-editorial writer in numerous national daily newspapers and has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show (2002 and 2010), in Rolling Stone, and in several documentary films.

Among the many unique experiences Mark Serrano has had earlier in his life and career, he participated as a contestant on the TV game show Wheel of Fortune, served as an intern for the United States Football League (USFL), and was a production assistant for the opening ceremonies of the International Special Olympics produced by Radio City Music Hall Productions, which aired on ABC TV.